Shih-Yun Tang

Ph.D. Student at Dept. of Physics and Astronomy

Lowell Observatory

Rice University

About Me

Hi, I am Tang, Shih-Yun (湯士昀) from Taiwan, currently a Ph.D. student at the Rice University Department of Physics and Astronomy. I work with Dr. Lisa Prato at the Lowell Observatory and Prof. Christopher Johns-Krull at Rice using NIR and optical spectra to search for the youngest exoplanets around T Tauri stars. This project not only involves the development of a precision RV pipeline but also brings my focus to identify and isolate the star spot(s) induced RV signal on these young active stars. Meanwhile, as my side project, I am also working with Prof. Xiaoying Pang on using Gaia data to study stellar groups in the solar neighborhood.

I completed my B.A. and M.S. in Physics at the National Central University (NCU), Taiwan. My first research project was to characterize the stellar and substellar members in the Coma Berenices star cluster with Prof. Wen-Ping Chen as an undergraduate. Later, as my Master’s thesis, I was the first to discover the tidal tails of the Coma Berenices star cluster.


  • Using NIR spectra to find the youngest exoplanets (Hot Jupiter) with the RV technique.
  • Stellar population identification and dynamic studies of nearby star clusters and moving groups
  • Modeling the atmosphere of brown dwarfs and planetary objects with 1D radiative-convective model.
  • Searching and characterizing brown dwarfs and exoplanets


  • Ph.D., Physics and Astronomy, 2023.01 - Current

    Rice University, USA

  • Ph.D., Astronomy and Planetary Science, 2020.01 - 2022.12

    Northern Arizona University (NAU), USA

  • M.S., Physics, 2017.09 - 2019.06

    National Central University (NCU), Taiwan

  • Exchange Student, 2016.09 - 2017.08

    Niigata University, Japan

  • B.A., Physics, 2013.09 - 2017.08

    National Central University (NCU), Taiwan

Recent Posts

Recent Publications

Below only list publication that I had been highly involved. The full publication list can be found at NASA ADS or Google Scholar. (Last updated on Mar. 17, 2022.)


Near-Infrared Radial Velocity pipeline (IGRINS_RV)

Near infrared radial velocity pipeline for IGRINS instrument.

Open Cluster Dynamic Study

Open Cluster Dynamic Study

Y-dwarf Atmosphere Study

Y-dwarf Atmosphere Study